Server Maintenance

F9tech perform general Web server maintenance to back up and restore your data, analyze Web logs, enhance security, ensure the availability of your retail Web site. Server Maintenance can be a demanding task often requiring someone being on call to assist in case of website or server downtime. Centers will provide hardware related support for non-configuration related queries, with additional support following which often being charged at very high rates. A well maintained server only requires minimal maintenance to reduce downtime and ensure high levels of availability. A thorough understanding of each component utilized is required to run a successful website and associated services on a dedicated server.

We will give you the accurate account for your given band width usage from a dedicated server or a virtual server. At F9 tech we will provide better maintenance services for your Web Space also. We will assure you that your Web site will not have any surprise shut downs when it was maintained by F9 Tech.

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Our Maintenance Services

Your Big Concern is What We Expertise And it's What we do the Best for Our Customer!

Site Annual Maintenance

If you are having a web project to be maintained on annual basis. If you are looking for the...

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Portal Maintenance

Portals need to be maintained on daily or occasional basis in order to keep them up to date...

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Content Maintenance

Our web managers are good at what they do and since many of them have been doing...

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Web App Maintenance

we understand that it’s really important for an organization to concentrate on its...

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List of Technologies We Use

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