5 Reasons why your website needs Search Engine Optimization

5 Reasons why your website needs Search Engine Optimization

The ace factor responsible for getting visitors to your website or blog is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There is more to SEO and user engagement than just a good headline and an eye catchy image. Let us not forget that, every bit of text that borderline touches the services or product you offer is a drop added to your SEO practice. Moreover, in order to formulate an effective SEO strategy, one needs to be well informed about the popular and not so conventional SEO practices as well.

Mainly, SEO runs on content. It should be appropriate and authentic. It is classified into two category types On-page and Off-page Content. The content is identified by the Search Engine based on the keyword typed that matches the search query. Moreover, as the consumers are looking for solutions, so also businesses are offering broad options and solutions. Therefore, a good content or articles on the blog or website is the gateway to making SEO a useful entity.

Modern SEO is all about crafting the content to make the search within a short time. It is so compelling that other people who want to promote it will link to it. Furthermore, share it, which increases trust and authority. This helps the page that you want for certain keywords.

These are the fundamental reasons why a website needs to be SEO friendly

  1. Low cost advertising: When you are listed on the top it is free advertisement as there is no need to pay for pay-per-click.
  2. Definite Traffic Rush: There is sudden increase and forward/upward movement in business.
  3. Brand Credibility High: The first listing on Google (due to its high reputation) page is what people trust most. Moreover you get access to data.
  4. Return on Investment (ROI): When compared to normal advertisement ROI is better. For example: 4% of conversion into sale in SEO from a thousand clicks. (60% of the clicks go to first search that convert into sales).
  5. Competitors are adopting SEO: If you get in or use SEO early, you will stay ahead of your competitor in sales. The results stay permanent.