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Web site tracking tools enable you to find out a variety of information about your visitors, for instance, the number of visitors to a page, where they came from and possibly which search engine query theyused to find your site. In general this page does not include commercial trackers that provide a free but time limited trial. The emphasis is also on trackers and not counters. A counter simply provides an indication of the number of visitors to a particular page, whereas a tracker gives some indication of how visitors navigate through your site, and they will hope that you will ultimately upgrade to their paidservice. Each tracker will require you to insert a small block of HTML or JavaScript into each page to be tracked.

We know that you are very eager about tracking the visitors of your Web site after it had been brought to live. At F9 Tech we will provide better services to track your Web site users and the pages which are being visited by them from time to time across the globe.

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Web marketing works to attract target customers to marketer's websites. These sites may be company websites, web magazines or e-tail catalog sites.


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